DevFest External TA Interest Form

1) Attend a one hour "How to TA" mandatory workshop – when2meet will be sent out
2) Learn the track (most of which will be covered in the workshop)

1) A free appreciation dinner!
2) Get experience teaching amazing developers, new and experienced!
3) Be a part of one of Columbia's largest tech events!
What is your full name? *

What's your prior teaching experience? *

This can include mentorship, tutoring, TA-ing, etc.
Which track are you interested in TA-ing? *

No prior experience necessary! Note: We prefer if you focus on one track only, but if you're interested in TA-ing multiple, feel free to select multiple.

What days are you free? *

DevNights will take place from Monday through Thursday from 8 - 11 PM. Hackathon mentoring will not be track-specific, and you do NOT have to stay the whole time. Your answer is for our logistical organization and does not commit you to any day. Final scheduling will happen later.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Thank you for wanting to help out the next generation of DevFest attendees!

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